DragonRadio in the Colosseum

Interactive Mode

See Building a container for instructions on building a Colosseum-compatible image. Images built with those instructions can run without any changes in interactive mode on the Colosseum. A container built with the -s flag will boot with DragonRadio already running. To run DragonRadio manually in interactive mode on such a container, you will first need to disable the dragonradio service using the command service dragonradio stop.

Batch Mode

To run in batch mode, a container must have been build with the -s flag to enable the dragonradio service. This service starts the SC2 radio on boot and daemonizes it. Commands from the Colosseum Radio Command and Control API are processed by the dragonradio-client script.

The recommended modem configuration for batch mode is located at config/sce-qual/radio.conf.

A sample batch configuration file for the `SCE Qualification Scenario`_ is located at config/sce-qual/sce-qual.json. It can be used as a Jinja template; you will need to fill in the name, image, and radio_conf parameters to specify the job name, radio image name, and modem configuration.